Kubota DC-70G Plus Combine Harvester in Uganda

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-70G Plus
Horsepower: 69hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 85L
Body Weight: 3,150
Ability to Harvest: 85 or less by hooking in the fall direction

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At Tractors Uganda, you can find several types of agricultural machinery such as tractors, farm implements, and combine harvesters. We are a widely known tractor dealer that is allowing Ugandan farmers to exceed their cultivation expectations with our products.

We have a variety of combine harvesters for sale which you can avail of at the best prices in Uganda.  We have many Kubota harvester models, which include the DC-93, DC-93G, DC-93G Cabin, DC-70 Plus, DC-70G Plus Cabin, DC-70G Plus, DC-35, DC-105X, and DC-105X Cabin.


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You trust us to provide you with the best and we always do. We are offering combine harvesters and to understand more about this machine we will elaborate on combine harvester’s uses. A combine harvester can thresh, reap and winnow. It cuts, cleans, and harvests grain and certain non-grain crops. This allows the farmer to focus on other things rather than engaging in manual labor. This also leads to a decrease in labor costs.

Moreover, this equipment results in faster work being done and more precision, which means lower time consumption and better efficiency. These are just a few combine harvester advantages we have mentioned. There are numerous others that should be considered such as cleaner grains and overall better crop yields. There are two types of combine harvesters: a control combine harvester and a self-propelled combine harvester.


The 21 parts of combine harvester and their functions

A combine harvester is a machine made with intricacy and several pieces which enable it to reach the level of utility that it has. The parts contain the header, pickup reel, cutter bar, threshing drum, sieves, straw walkers, unloader, spreader, augers, grain tank, etc. All these parts play an important role to attain clean grains. The header gets the cut crops together and pushes them to the cutter bar along with the pickup reel.

The cutter bar with its teeth slits the crops which are then collected by the revolving reel. The conveyor then leads them to the threshing drum where the cut crops are shaken to divide the grain from the stalk. The grains go through the sieves to reach the collecting tank while the stalks are sent to the back of the combine. Combine harvester parts and functions may seem complicated but are easy to employ.


This Kubota combine harvester in Uganda should be your next purchase

The Kubota DC-70G Plus is an exceptional combine harvester due to its formidable threshing system and grain tank capacity of 1700 liters. With a weight of 3,200 kilograms, it has a 2-meter-wide hydraulic head and direct-injection 70 HP engine. Its length is 4,800 mm, width is 2,245 mm, and height (With Canopy Stored) is 2,800 mm.

The fuel tank capacity is 60 liters, an output of 49.2 KW, and a displacement of 2,434 cc. The harvesting system is 1.2 m/s, the cutter bar length is 1,980 mm, and the gathering length is 2,075 mm. The chain drive neck conveyor allows for decreased rice issues and the machine’s overall features make it helpful in tough conditions such as muddy fields.

This combine has a grain discharge time of around 90 seconds, along with a three-way air stream cleaning system and a spiked tooth axial flow. Moreover, it has four sieves, and to control the opening and shutting of the die, a high-pressure double crank is used. There is lower pollution due to its increased intellectualization and mechanization.

Because of its simple structure, it is easy to assemble and maintain. The impressive diesel engine produces high yields and overall better quality. It also results in lower fuel consumption which is quite advantageous for farmers in Uganda.

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