Jib Crane

Lift Capacity upto 500 Kgs (depending upon Tractor HP)
Height of lift 3 m
Overall length 2.54 m
Weight (approx) 72 Kgs
Tractor Compatibility 45-85 HP
Hitch pin Cat-II

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When it comes to farming there is a lot of passive working involved other than farming activities too. Farmers need to lift heavy loads and transport them from one place to another. In an already tiring atmosphere transporting and moving heavy loads may also just add to the burden of the farming population in Uganda and the whole world around. This is where the need for the tools like Jib Crane arises. Jib crane is an efficient farm implement to lift and move equipment around the field. It is an inexpensive way of performing such lifting and transporting tasks as compared to other options. Most importantly it could be done in a very convenient fashion with very little effort. They are made of tabular and are designed in a way to ease the loading and unloading operations. Furthermore, they are real time savers for farmers and allows them to engage more in other productive activities of the farm. Thus, this safe option attracts almost all farmers to add it into their fleet of farm machinery.

Prominent features:

  • High Export Quality, ISO 9001 Verification.
  • Able to load and unload heavy weights.
  • Low cost and economical for Uganda agriculture farmers
  • Easy tractor attachment.
  • Multi Purpose farm implement.
  • Safer option.
  • Carrying load capacity of up to 500 Kg.

Technical Specifications:

  • Minimum Power Requirement: 50 HpHP and above.
  • Weight: 70 Kg.
  • Height: 3 meters.
  • Overall Length: 2.54 meters.
  • Lift Capacity: up to almost 500 Kg.
  • Hitch Pin: CAT II.

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