Massive 275 Tractor in Uganda

Model / Type: Massive 275
Horse Power: 72hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Colour: Green
Condition: Brand New


Hydraulic Position Control
High P.T.O Power Spring Suspension
Deluxe Seat,


A tractor is an agricultural tool that performs plenty of farming operations, be it primary tilling, planting, transplanting, harvesting, pest control, etc. Farming chores have become easier than ever because of their mechanization with the help of modernized farming implements and tractors. A tractor can help the farmer immensely in the preparation of land. By employing swift and efficient tractors like the Massive Tractors, farmers of Uganda can grow more crops to feed a greater portion of the population of Uganda.

Tractors Uganda is an authentic dealer of tractors and associated farm implements, operating in Uganda and a number of other African countries. We consist of an extensive portfolio of tractors that can be classified into 2WD and 4WD categories.


Massive Farm Tractors

In the continent of Africa, Massive Farm Tractors are seen to be held by every next-door farmer as these are the most affordable ones and their spare parts are easily available in any part of the world, as these tractors are manufactured using the same parts as Massey Ferguson. Farmers of Uganda, rely blindly on Massive Tractors because of their unimaginable productivity in the agriculture fields. These tractors, being highly powerful, can easily pull or push plenty of farm implements. Moreover, by performing the agricultural tasks swiftly with the help of robust Massive Tractors, farmers can save their precious time and energy which could be used elsewhere productively.

The dynamic turbo-diesel engines are specifically characteristic of Massive Tractors. The smooth operational ride of the Massive Tractors is the result of the dynamic engines.


Massive Tractor 275

Massive Tractor 275 is a notable tractor with a couple of remarkable features, differentiating it from the rest of the ordinary tractors. The extremely versatile Massive Tractor 275, is not only fuel-efficient but is also integrated with immense power, providing ease in haulage-related functions.

This tractor model is equipped with a Perkins engine and two types of transmission modes i.e. manual and multi-power. The hydrostatic power steering is a part of the Massive Tractor 275 for sale, which caters to smoother transits through the agricultural field. Moreover, 60hp of power is generated via this model of tractor, allowing a greater range of farm implements to mount on the reliable Massive Tractor 275.

This 2WD compact tractor operates via a 12V battery and has a fuel tank capacity of 70L. This type of tractor usually supports the agricultural tasks of small to medium-size farms. Being extremely steadfast and worth the value, this compact tractor is provided with an eco-friendly engine that prevents the engine from excessive heating by reducing combustive fumes. Massive Tractors are engineered with thorough intelligence, for making mute and noiseless engines, thereby inhibiting noise pollution.


Agricultural assistance

There is a constant surge in the demand for food, faced by the global population. Many other methods of agriculture have been devised as an alternative forms of agriculture but none of them have momentously contributed to the ever-growing food issues. However, effective, consistent and reliable tractors like Massive Tractors have been seen to strengthen Ugandan agriculture. These tractors, being multipurpose in nature, can execute a number of farming operations with ease and achieve greater profitability.

A Massive Tractor 275 is a meticulous choice, besides execution of farming operations, transportation requirements of the farmers can also be solved via this type of tractor. So buy your Massive Tractor 275 in Uganda from Tractors Uganda and make your cultivating tasks as easy as possible.