Ridger Specification

Overall width: 1778mm
Max Row Spacing: 711m
Clearance: 550mm
Weight: 150kgs
Tractor compatibility: 50HP +
Depth: 1050mm

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Ridger is one of the extensively used farm implements used as the tractor attachment in the farming industry. As suggested by its name it is used to build ridges in the field. It is also capable of splitting the fields into furrows to have maintain better water flow. This aids in the smooth plantation of crops like sugarcane, tobacco and potato. Tractors.co.ug ridgers are very adaptable. They allow convenience and flexibility in adjusting the spaces and creating different rows and angles. Out of many different benefits of ridgers is that they can also be used for earthing purposes. Therefore, for its variety of uses it is considered as the good investment for adding ridger farm equipment by the farmer of agricultural sector of Uganda.

Prominent Features:

  • High Export Quality, ISO 9001 Verification.
  • Helpful in building ridges for valuable crops.
  • Enhances the performance of the tractors.
  • Could be sub divided with respect to tractor power.
  • Allows easy adjustment of spacing.
  • Low cost and economical for Uganda agriculture farmers
  • Keeps the soil production.

Technical Specifications:

  • Minimum Power Requirement: 50+ HP
  • Overall Width: 1778 mm.
  • Maximum row spacing possible: 711 m.
  • Weight: 150 Kg.
  • Depth: 1050 mm.
  • Clearance: 550 mm.

Tractors.co.ug has a large variety of farm implements for sale in Uganda like Ridgers. It is well established in Uganda agricultural market as one of the most reliable and high-quality sources. Our Offset disc harrows are considered as one of a kind in its price bracket, that is why tractors.co.ug is a popular name in the farming population of Uganda and other agricultural countries. Over the years our Ridgers are found to be the best compatible farm implement with the Ugandan Soil and it has sold as one of the hot tractor attachments.

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