Kubota DC-105X Cabin Combine Harvester in Uganda

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-105X Cabin
Horsepower: 105hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 105L
Grain Tank Capacity: 2,350L
Body Weight: 4,750

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Tractors Uganda is a prime tractor dealer in Uganda that supplies tractors and combine harvesters from well-known brands. We also manufacture farming tools like ploughs and other such implements. Our aim is to satisfy our farmers with the best quality products and to ensure that they deliver the finest harvest. This is why we supply machinery from trusted brands and offer the best customer service.


Combine Harvester Uses

A combine harvester is essential for a farmer because it reduces the effort needed. Doing work manually requires a lot of attention and accuracy which is hard to achieve. It also takes up a lot of time and hence using a combine harvester becomes beneficial. It lowers the time consumed and performs three functions in a single process.

Combine harvester advantages include the ability of it to reap, thresh and winnow. It also provides more precision and covers more ground. It cleans, cuts, and harvests grain crops as well as some non-grain crops such as wheat, corn, rice, rye, flex, and soybeans. This machine allows farmers to have top-quality grains more easily and with lessened labor costs.

There are two types of combine harvesters. One of the types is a control combine harvester, this harvester is pulled by a tractor to function, rather than operating on its own. The other type is a self-propelled combine harvester which is driven by its own engine and is utilized in modern farms.

The price of a combine harvester can be quite high but it is an advantageous investment for farmers as it minimizes future costs and guarantees higher gains. To provide our Uganda farmers with more ease, we have combines for sale on our website. This is done to give our customers more accessibility and the opportunity to enhance their crop yields.


Combine harvester parts and functions

There are several parts of combine harvester and their functions lead this machine to be practical and vastly serviceable. The parts involve the header, feeder building, cleaning fan, straw chopper, sieves, unloader, pickup reel, cutter bar, and many more. The header collects and provides the crops to the combine harvester. Sieves help the grains pass towards the collecting tank. The threshing drum cuts the crop to push away the stalks.


Kubota Combine harvester

We have Kubota Combine harvesters which are a great catch for farmers as they can be a useful tool in their farming equipment. Kubota is an acclaimed agricultural machinery manufacturer that has been working to improve farming equipment for 50 years. We have various Kubota harvester models comprising of DC-105X Cabin, DC-105X, DC-35, DC-70 Plus, DC-70G Plus, DC-70G Plus Cabin, DC-93, DC-93G, and DC-93G Cabin.


DC-105X Cabin

Kubota DC-105X cabin has a diesel engine with a center direct injection and 105 horsepower. It also has a maximum engine rotation of 2700 and a fuel tank capacity of 105 liters. It is an air-conditioned cabin with a weight of 4,750, a total length of 5,640 mm, a total width of 3,050 mm, and a total height of 2800 mm. This Kubota harvester also has a cylinder volume of 3.769 liters.

This combine harvester in Uganda would be up to the mark because it can operate for longer hours due to its high horsepower and other qualities. It also reduces fuel costs which is an added benefit for farmers. It has a hydraulic transmission, axial flow system, screw conveyor, and rocker grate with air blowing for cleaning.

The DC-105X cabin has a ground contact length of 1900 mm, blade width of 2760 mm, thresh shaft rotation of 550 RPM and six sieves. The harvester has an effortless brake system and is able to tackle varying paddle fields. It has a grain tank of 1400 kilograms which is large and reduces the need to worry about unloading the grain tank repeatedly.

Due to its air-conditioned cabin, greater fuel tank, and other features this Kubota harvester is made for comfort. Not only does it provide the driver with a luxurious experience, but it also results in an elevated qualitative production. These along with many other reasons are why the Kubota DC-105X cabin is gaining popularity and should be a part of your farming machinery.

With the different combine harvesters for sale available on https://www.tractors.co.ug, you can find one of your choices and fill out an inquiry form to find out the combine harvester price in Uganda.