Kubota DC-93G Cabin Combine Harvester in Uganda

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-93G Cabin
Horsepower: 93hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 120L
Cutting Width (mm): 2182
Ability to Harvest: 85 or less by hooking in the fall direction

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Uganda is always pushing to make its output more advanced as agriculture is a major contributor to the country’s revenue. Our aim is to be of service to our Uganda farmers and supply them with tools that will let them achieve their goals. Tractors in Uganda are a great way for farmers to mechanize and achieve better harvest.

Farm implements in Uganda are also essential. This is because they aid in every process from spreading fertilizers to planting rice. Farm implements enable farmers to achieve better precision and tackle farming tasks more easily. Then there are our exceptional combine harvesters in Uganda, which carry out three functions in one process. It can reap, thresh and winnow.


Why should I get a combine harvester?

We can list down multiple combine harvester uses, including the harvester’s ability to clean grains, spread fertilizers, get rid of stalks, etc. This piece of agricultural machinery in Uganda is a valuable asset for our farmers. The functions of this machine reduce time consumption and effort needed to perform tasks.

Other combine harvester advantages involve the lessened manual labor required which leads to a reduction in costs. Moreover, the combine harvester price in Uganda can be considered high. It is equipment that is mechanical in nature and has innovation. Farmers may hesitate to pay such a price but the initial payment leads to saving of costs and profit gains in the future.

To provide further assistance for our farmers in Uganda, we have combine harvesters for sale. This makes it simpler for farmers to elevate their farming equipment and achieve better results in their crop yields. Parts of combine harvester and their functions are also easy to employ and maintain. Farmers hence feel more comfortable.


Some facts about combine harvesters

There are two types of combine harvesters, the first is a control combine harvester and the second is a self-propelled combine harvester. A control combine harvester uses the tractor and its functions such as the tractor’s takeoff shaft to work. A self-propelled harvester has a built-in engine that allows it to perform tasks and drive the machine. The control combine harvesters are comparatively less popular than self-propelled combine harvesters.

There are twenty-one combine harvester parts and the functions of these parts permit smooth operation splitting and cleansing the cut crops to attain grains. Some parts of combine harvesters include the header, rotating blades, grain tank, unloading pipe, augers, conveyors, threshing drum, pickup reel, feeder building, and straw chopper.


The Kubota Combine Harvester can change your life for the better

The Kubota DC-93G Cabin has a strong diesel engine with a harvesting speed of 2.10m/s and a fuel tank of 120 liters. The grain tank capacity of this harvester is 1800 liters which is beneficial because it is of large size which grants longer work hours without having to discard the grains constantly. Its total length is 5,430 mm, its total width is 2,422 mm, and its total height is 2,800 mm.

Additionally, the weight of this machine is 3,995 with a water-cooled direct injection and four cylinders. It has an HST hydraulic transmission, an electronically controlled brake, and threshing ball teeth. The blade width is 2057 mm which is sizeable. Its battery results in efficiency due to it being 12/80. It also has a horse of 93 horsepower.

This Kubota harvester is known for its speed which is considered unchallengeable. Its speed can change through the hydraulic transmission feature. The DC-93G Cabin has several warning indicators which make it very safe and reliable for its drivers. Because of its features and power, this machine improves the land and output of farmers who use it.

Tractors Uganda has combines for sale and other economical offers that farmers can avail of. To find the price of combine harvester, send an inquiry and get in touch with our representatives.