Hammer Mill

Motor pulley
2 Number cotton balloon
Anti-vibrating foundation Stand with adjustable rail for motor
3 numbers of perforated round holes screens.
starters, main switch, ampere meter, capacitor For three phase
Foundation bolts
v belts
All contacting parts stainless steel 304/316 can be accommodated.

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When it comes to farming there are many other passive tasks are also involved. One such job is crushing. Hammer mill is one of the most basic farm implements that is used to prepare food for live stock of the farm and many other purposes. It crushes and shreds the material. It grinds peanuts, corns dry grass and other crops into coarse powder to prepare food for animals. Moreover, it can also be used to crush and shred variety of other stuff. This makes it farmer’s choice no: 1 because of multiple uses and easy handling. This enables farmers to save time in preparing animal feed. Thus, making it a must have farm machinery in Uganda and other parts of the world.

Prominent Features:

  • A hammer mill grinds and lowers the size of various materials. Various cutting heights are used.
  • It is employed in a variety of sectors for a variety of reasons, including juice production, ethanol production, rock crushing, paper or garden waste shredding, cement grinding, and so on.
  • In comparison to a rolling mill, this is a cost-effective investment.
  • High export quality, ISO 9001 verification/
  • Heavy-duty, but it uses a small amount of fuel.
  • Can be customized to meet the material size needed.
  • Spherical particles are produced.

Technical features:

  • Hammers linked to a driveshaft.
  • Crushing Compartment.
  • Single opening and expelling end.
  • Simple structure with various checkpoints.
  • The opening could be varied by adjusting by the operator to achieve desired material size.
  • A steel drum with a revolving shaft and hammer.

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