Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Specification
Capacity 3 – 20 Tons
Lower Channel 7×3 – 10 x 3
Length 52” – 56”
Outer Die 5” – 7”
Wall Thickness 3”/8”
Quantity 2 – 4 Tires

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Hydraulic Tipping trailers are extremely useful agriculture farm implements that reduce every day farm labor at best. These Hydraulic tipping trailers as the name describes are capable of tipping goods and materials to the ground through Hydraulic lifting mechanism. They are highly valuable for a number of daily farm agriculture activities such as transportation of goods and crop produce from one place to another and offloading farm goods when needed. They not only save farm labor but also save cost as they are very economical and low cost for Uganda agriculture farmers in comparison with any other hydraulic tipping trailer available in the market. Because they can hold and transport a huge number and hefty quantity of heavy products from one area to another, these Hydraulic Tipping trailers are especially suitable for industrial purposes as well. Our Hydraulic Tipping trailers are not only sturdy, durable, and robust, but they are also compatible with a wide selection of agriculture farm tractors commonly used by Ugandan agriculture farmers.

Prominent Features:

  • A convenient way for offloading goods and materials
  • High export quality, IS) 9001 verifications
  • Allows products to be unloaded by tipping
  • Cost efficient farm implement for Uganda agriculture farmers.
  • Lowers operational expenses
  • Low maintenance farm implement
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Capable of completing difficult and heavy-duty tasks
  • Suitable for handling a wide range of loose materials
  • It can be utilized for a variety of purposes.

Technical Specifications:

  • Minimum Tractor HP required: 50 HP
  • Weight carrying capacities available (Ton): 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 14
  • Tyres available: 2 tyres and 4 tyres
  • Average weight without load: 1000 Kg to 2000 Kg

Hydraulic Tipping Trailers are available from Tractors.co.ug in a variety of capacities to meet the needs and preferences of Uganda’s small and large scale agriculture farmers. They can be easily attached to the back end of the farm agriculture tractor using a pintle hook. Once the operation is finished, the farm trolley can be readily withdrawn from the farm tractor. Tractors.co.ug is committed to supplying the highest quality farm equipment at the most competitive pricing to our customers. We have proudly been the top priority of dedicated Ugandan farmers for acquiring agricultural farm tools throughout the years because we place a high emphasis on client service and satisfaction, displaying our dedication. Our top Hydraulic tipping Trailers have been provided to a wide range of Ugandan consumers, who have provided us with a satisfied and positive response.

For your further and in-depth understanding of this and other farm implements we advise you to consult our well experienced sales and customer support team. We value your time and seriousness of the matter that is why tractors.co.ug has always made sure for being the most responsive supplier. Within 24 hours of lodging an inquiry one of our customer support representatives will be assigned for your assistance.