Maize Sheller

Maize Sheller Specification
Operation: PTO Driven
Capacity: Upto 1ton/hr
Weight: Approx 200Kgs

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Maize Sheller are specifically used farm equipment for separating maize cob from kernels. The maize Sheller is a highly unique and advance tractor attachment that efficiently shell maize crops without any wastage. They are highly essential for Uganda agriculture farmers for saving their precious time and labor required to completely process the entire maize crop. Maize Sheller have a great capacity to produce large quantities of output which is very important in the harvesting season. These maize Sheller are available in multiple sizes according to every Uganda agriculture farmers’ needs and are mostly compatible with all 50 HP Farm tractors used by farmers due to its universal linking system.

Prominent Features:

  • It can extract 15-20 cobs in under a minute and 400-500 Kg per hour.
  • High export quality, ISO 9001 verification
  • It is simple to operate and does not too much require energy or maintenance.
  • Saves valuable time and labor
  • The threshing rate is over 97%
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Low cost and economical tractor attachment
  • The kernels received as output are undamaged and perfect

Technical Specifications:

  • Minimum tractor HP required: 50 HP
  • Available in medium size and large size
  • High quality steel structure
  • Capacity per hour: 1500 Kg
  • PTO shaft driven is with a doubt one of the best market leaders and supplier of high export quality Maize Shellers for Uganda agriculture farmers at a highly reasonable and market competitive price. These brilliant Maize Shellers have been created with the primary purpose of reducing the amount of labor required to thresh these crops while also saving time. They are portable and easy to carry from one location to another with the help of linking them to the rear side of a farm tractor. We recommend all Uganda agriculture farmers to purchase our highly efficient Maize Shellers to save their money and time as we have proven to be the number one dealer of farm implements for sale thought our several years with a highly positive response from our satisfied Uganda clients.


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