Rear Mounted Dozer

The blade may be offset and angled.
The cutting edge is high carbon and replaceable.
Full 360 blade trun.
The main frame is constructed of formed plate with extra reinforcing.

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Rear Mounted Dozer is a very extensively used farm implement due to its multi use abilities. It is often a mind boggling job for the farmers of agricultural sector of Uganda and the entire world to maintain their far and wide spread fields. It requires excellent farm machinery to aid in the process as it a tiring task. This is where the Rear Mounted Dozer farm implement steps in as the best tractor attachment. Its core use is to maintain the field. It can be used to level the ground, clean the yards, do the farm road grading, cleaning and clearing the snow in the winter season. Moreover, it is also capable of terracing, backfilling and earth moving. Rear Mounted Dozer is often compared to Rear Blade farm implement. They are differentiated by the ability of Rear Mounted Dozer to offset and be angled. The blade can be turned to a complete 360 degree cycle. Therefore, for all the above uses it becomes the top choice for the agricultural farming population of Uganda and worldwide. Rear Mounted Dozer aids farmers in easing their task and that is what makes it a much needed tool in the farm machinery of any farmer.

Prominent Features

  • Can be used for multiple purposes.
  • High Export Quality, ISO 9001 Verification.
  • Easy tractor attachment.
  • Low cost and economical for Uganda agriculture farmers
  • Best for farm maintenance.
  • It can be used for backfilling.
  • Able to dig irrigation channels and ditches.
  • Able to offset.
  • Blade can be rotated to 360 degree angle.
  • Efficiently performing replaceable cutting edge.

Technical Specifications:

  • Minimum Power Requirement: 50 HP.
  • Length of blade: 5 feet.
  • Width of the blade: 7 feet.
  • Weight: 170 Kg.
  • Angle Adjustment: 0 to 360 Degrees.

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