Wheat / Rice Reaper

Cutting Width 7.5Ft
No of Blades 29
Weight with Kit 275Kgs
Maximum length 7.8 ft
Source of power up 25 hp
Cutting width 7.5 feet
Maximum Width 2.37ft
Maximum Height 2.37Ft

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Cutting crops and gathering them when the harvesting season arrives is one of the most time consuming and tough jobs for Uganda agriculture farmers. They spend all day on field working tirelessly and with sheer dedication to get the job done within time to get the best quality crop. But, to their delight, wheat/ rice reapers can do this hard task completed for them in half of their time.

Wheat/ Rice reapers are agriculture farm implements that very essential for cutting and gathering crops. The farm tractor attachment can not only harvest Rice and Wheat but also Barley, Oats and other similar nature crops. The reaper consists of a continuous conveyer belt, interchanging cutting bars, an overhead reel and a crop separator. Tractors.co.ug provides the best high export quality Wheat/ Rice reaper that are tough and durable. Our landscape rakes are compatible with all Uganda agriculture farming conditions and can withstand tough and harsh working environment. The agriculture farm implement is capable of operating in muddy and lands. Moreover, it can also work efficiently in sloppy, patchy and hilly fields.

Prominent Features:

  • Sharp and brilliant edge blades and knives used for cutting off the crops.
  • Crop separation
  • Durable and strong
  • High export quality, ISO 9001 verification
  • Compatible with most tractors
  • Increases productivity with reduced labor
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Low cost and economical

Technical Specifications:

  • Minimum tractor HP Required: 50 HP
  • Total No. of blades: 29
  • Cutting Width: 7.5 ft
  • Gross Weight: 275 Kg
  • Maximum Height: 2.37 ft
  • Maximum Length: 7.8 ft
  • Maximum Width: 2.37 ft

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