Sub Soiler

Model HFI-01/S
Linkage Category 1/2
Frame Heavy Duty Steel Channel
Width of Hal 31″ (78 cm)
Height of Hal 49.5″ (126 cm)
Length of Hal 30″ (76 cm)
Number of Blades 1
Weight 110 kg
Working Depth 21″ (53 cm)

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Sub soilers are usually used for deep tillage of farm land soil. These are very useful tractor attachments specifically designed to eliminate hardness and large lumps of soil in the farm land field. They are extremely compatible and useful for Uganda agriculture farming. These sub soilers have a high quality deep piercing blade that effectively penetrates the soil to break hardpan and mix the soil efficiently. They require a lot of power to operate, therefore are mostly used with higher HP tractors. Sub soilers come handy for increasing crop productivity and reducing extreme labor required for deep farm land tillage.

Prominent Features:

  • Enhances crop development in difficult and challenging soils
  • Reduces the expense of soil cultivation
  • It brightens up a dirty plough pan.
  • Protects moisture in the soil, allowing it to absorb rainwater.
  • Made of high-strength steel for long-term durability
  • Sub soiling improves soil yields.
  • Allows for better root aeration, increased nutrient access, and improved water flow.

Technical Specifications:

  • Minimum Tractor HP required: 75 HP
  • Model: OTI-01/S
  • Working depth: 21” (53 cm)
  • Working depth: 21” (53 cm)
  • Number of blades: 1
  • Frame: heavy-duty steel channel
  • Linkage category: ½


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