Kubota Combine Harvesters for Sale

Different Models of Kubota Combine Harvesters in Uganda

Harvesting rice is one of the most time-consuming and physically demanding aspects of rice production. Japanese company Kubota has collected over 50 years of harvesting mechanization expertise and has established itself as an industry specialist and thought leader. The Kubota combine harvester‘s efficiency and precision contribute to both the short- and long-term profitability of its customers. Kubota Combine harvesters are among the most economical and reliable agricultural machinery in Uganda. Because of its contribution to mechanizing the rice transplant and harvest process, it made farmers’ jobs simpler while also cutting labor costs and increasing output.

New and secondhand Kubota combine harvesters and rice transplanters with horsepower ratings ranging from 60 to 105 are available from Tractors Uganda at affordable costs in Uganda. The Kubota Tractor, the Kubota Rice Transplanter, and the Kubota Combine Harvester are just a few examples of the extensive variety of agricultural machinery that Kubota has developed. Rice, wheat, oats, barley, flax, and soybeans are just a few of the many crops that the Kubota Combine Harvester can harvest. Following are some of the common models of Kubota combine harvester in Uganda.

Kubota DC-35

For modest paddy fields, Kubota’s DC-35 rice harvester is ideal because of its simple design and low harvest angles, which allow for rapid and efficient rotations of the harvesting head and harvesting head. Harvesting in constrained locations is made possible by a compact, easy-to-use machine with narrow harvesting angles and a quick, efficient rotation (turning). Its tiny size allows it to carry more stuff while in transit. The soil exerts less pressure on the vehicle due to the wide and light crawler’s size.

DC – 70 Plus

Turbocharged diesel engines with direct injection are utilized in agricultural gear, such as the Kubota DC70 Plus combine harvester. In terms of power, Kubota’s Combine Harvester 70 DC Plus harvester has an impressive 69 horsepower output. Multi-functional controls make it even more user-friendly. The size and weight of the DC 70 Plus combine harvester are 4800*2880x3000mm. The optimal container for storing rice is a 300-kilogram (500-liter) steel tank.

Kubota DC- 93

With a powerful 93 HP engine and a maximum speed of 2.1 m/s, the Kubota DC-93 Combine Harvester can go through paddy fields significantly more quickly. As a result, the number of rounds needed and the damage to paddy fields are reduced while the speed of operation and operating rate are improved by about 20% over the previous DC-70 Plus model.

Kubota DC- 93 G

A 40-foot wide swath may be mowed across a crop field with the Kubota DC-93 G. To improve soil grip and threshing performance, the Kubota DC-93 G has a powerful engine. The increased diameter of the cylinders and the addition of a power steering lever enhance maneuverability. A Kubota DC-93 G harvesting machine recorded a harvesting speed of 2.10m/s. In any weather, the Kubota DC-93 G is capable of harvesting crops even on wet soil.

Kubota DC – 105X Kubota’s DC 105X combine harvester is one of the finest on the market. High productivity and minimal fuel usage differentiate this machine. The strong engine of the DC 105X Combine Harvester allows it to work well in muddy terrain with big loads (77.2 hp). Combine harvester DC 70-sized machines may increase capacity and output. In comparison to the DC 70, the DC 105X can reach a peak speed of 1.9 m/s. Having a large tank that can hold 105 liters of gasoline saves time while refueling, making it more efficient. The stainless threshing system may be used for a long period of time while adhering to tight soil and rice paddy conditions.

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