Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale

Different Models of Massey Ferguson Tractors in Uganda

In order to fulfill the expanding demands of Ugandan farmers, Tractors Uganda is pleased to provide new and used Massey Ferguson tractors for sale in Uganda. Massey Ferguson is a brand synonymous with quality and durability in agricultural machinery, particularly tractors and tools. Modern and brand new Massey Ferguson tractors in Uganda are available via Tractors Uganda.

Many different models of Massey Ferguson tractors may be found for sale in Uganda, thanks to Tractors Uganda’s wide selection. The tractor engines, which vary in power from 50 to 85 hp, are all unique to one another. Following are some common types of Massey Ferguson tractors for sale in Uganda.

MF- 240 Tractors

The Massey Ferguson MF-240 is expected to outperform competing tractors in terms of performance. Massey Ferguson is responding to the reciprocal gesture. Massey Ferguson MF-240 tractors come equipped with pumps. These loading tractors have been around for decades. The MF-240’s stroke is 127mm. With this purchase, you will also get a loader. With 47 HP, it is the most cost-effective option available right now (Horse Power). There are several attachments available for the MF 240 model from Massey Ferguson, including a number of different implements.

MF- 260 Tractors

MF-260, a Massey Ferguson tractor for sale, has a 60 horsepower Perkins T 3.1524 turbocharged engine. At 540 PTO rpm, the engine revs to 1789 rpm. Eight forward and two backward gears are included in the gearbox. Improved vehicle control is provided by features such as a multi-disc oil-immersed mechanical brake and manual steering. Its lifting capacity of 2170 kg with decreased linkages and oil flow rates up to 16 liters per minute at a maximum pressure of 21 mega pascals at room temperature stand out among the MF-260 Hydraulic System’s notable features and capabilities.

MF-360 tractors

The MF 360 comes with six different tools for tilling, including a seedling transporter and the seedlings themselves. With a 1.6-meter-wide cover crop and two rows of seed, as well as two-ton trailers and transport boxes, this combination of equipment is capable of pulling three tons of weight. Every day, new products are added to the collection to keep it fresh.

MF-375 tractors

MF 375 tractors are long-lasting tractors in Uganda because of their consistent performance and quality. Currently, it features the quietest engine of any car on the market today. For the most responsive steering possible, hydrostatic power is the best choice. This tractor may be used to prepare the soil for planting, transport crops and cultivate large expanses of land for livestock and horticulture. MF375 tractors are quite versatile in this regard. Crops may also be transported using these tractors.

MF- 385 2 Wheel Drive tractors

This two-wheel drive MF 385 is a Massey Ferguson tractor in Uganda that is propelled by Perkins engines with three cylinders each. A coordinated engagement mechanism is included in the mechanical gearbox that produces 62 horsepower for the vehicle. While moving in the other direction, you are able to choose from a total of twelve different speeds if your vehicle is equipped with a reverser. The synchronized reverse gearbox is the favored kind of transmission because it has four cylinders, a displacement of 3860 cubic centimeters, and delivers 70 horsepower and 268 Nm of torque at 1400 revolutions per minute transmission for driving in reverse is coordinated with the transmission for driving forward.

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