New Holland Tractors in Uganda

Different Models of New Holland Tractors in Uganda

In Uganda, finding a suitable tractor for your farm is not a simple task. If you are in the market for a new tractor, you are likely to look at factors such as longevity, dependability, and pricing. To ensure long-term efficiency, New Holland’s tractors for sale are regularly serviced. The most popular tractors in Uganda are New Holland tractors which have a low engine noise level. They meet every farmer’s tractor requirement.

There are several New Holland tractor dealers in Uganda, but Tractor Uganda is one of the best because we can locate New Holland Tractor in Uganda and the surrounding area, we are a great resource for Ugandans who need it but cannot find it elsewhere. Following are some of the popular models of New Holland tractors for sale in Uganda

New Holland 480S

New Holland 480S are Uganda’s most cost-effective tractors in Uganda. Comprehensive, robust, and easy to use mechanization systems are standard on New Holland 480S tractors. If you need to accomplish the work in a quick period of time, you can do it due to the three-point hitch and the electrohydraulic rear PTO (540 revolutions per minute).

New Holland 640

New Holland 640 Tractor is a 75 HP tractor. This particular New Holland tractor for sale is almost exclusively used in agricultural applications (ploughing). Though it may be used on a trolley or to haul, the utilization of this tractor for laser land leveling and a disc plough is on the rise. The forceful aspect of this 640 tractor with inverted U section telescopic front axle and two 16.0/14-30 rear tires and 7.50 – 16 front tires comes from the tractor’s formal style. The maximum torque is achieved at 1600 revolutions per minute (RPM) with a mass of 29.70 kilograms (KG). Due to its flexible size, the NH 640 tractor’s performance is also impressively powerful.

New Holland 70-56 Tractor

The New Holland 70-56 4WD Tractor has a diesel engine that generates 85 horsepower. Although both machines have the same horsepower, the 70-56 has a four-wheel drive, whilst the NH-640 special is a two-wheel drive. As a result, this tractor is more productive. On the 70-56 4WD Tractor, the hydraulic power steering makes driving more comfortable. 104*115mm-diameter and 104*115mm-stroke cylinders have a piston displacement of 3908 cc in this vehicle. At its peak, it has a torque output of 27 kgm. Tillage and agriculture are no problem for this tractor. Everything from disc plows to potato planters to rotavators to ridgers to water pumps to threshers to wheat straw choppers may be operated with it.

New Holland Dabung Tractor

This 85-horsepower New Holland Tractor for sale has a sturdy rear end. At the flywheel, it contains an 85HP diesel engine with a 4-stroke direct injection. It can effortlessly balance and haul a maximum 800 pound load on the worn-out fields because of its high torque and heavy duty displacement. Heavy sturdy 2WD and 4WD tractors with aggressive appearance are available for purchase. Two iron balance equalizers were mounted on the front of this vehicle, a unique approach for this type. Its tires are larger and thicker and the steering may be adjusted to suit the height of its owner. It is simple to control and regulate any manual gearbox at all times.

New Holland Ghazi Tractor

The SG iron axle tubes of the NH Ghazi tractor may now be utilized for trolleys. High temperatures can be tolerated by the New Holland Ghazi tractor, which is more fuel efficient. Wheat threshers, ploughs, Rotavators, and other medium-horsepower agricultural equipment are among the most common applications for Ghazi tractors. Learn how to automate your farms with our high-quality agricultural machinery by contacting one of our Tractors Uganda sales consultants.

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