DC 70G Cabin Harvesters in Uganda

DC-70G Plus Cabin Harvesters in Uganda

High-Tension Steel (HTS), which is used in the construction of the DC – 70G Plus Cabin Kubota combine harvester, has a lifespan that is between 1.4 and 2.0 times longer than that of conventional steel. Additionally, the individual components of this machine may be replaced as they get worn out. It is two meters in length and is outfitted with a pair of wheels that can be positioned separately from its harvester. This gives it the ability to gather rice from the boundaries of the field.

The cabin is kept pleasant with air conditioning with a capacity of 18,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs). Even when the temperature is as high as 45 degrees Celsius, the four different wind power levels and the 360-degree range in which the wind direction may be adjusted serve to keep the driver from becoming fatigued. Dust and noise are prevented from entering the cabin thanks to the door, which also keeps outside air in.

Farmers may be able to reduce their overall expenditures and save money by purchasing Kubota Combine harvesters as these are bound to reduce their labor costs. The value of a DC-70 G Plus Cabin is equipped with many functions that are not optional. Our renowned tractor dealers in Uganda would be happy to chat with you about DC-70 G Plus Cabin’s features and applications, as well as maintenance and component replacement options. It is essential to undertake routine maintenance and care for the DC-70 G Plus Cabin that is a part of Tractors Uganda if you want them to operate at their fullest capacity. Before the start of the harvest season, do a thorough inspection of the agricultural machinery and pay particular attention to the areas of the machinery that are likely to cause performance issues.

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Kubota harvester for sale in Uganda

Kubota, a well-known producer of combine harvesters, stays abreast of both the most recent technological developments and the needs of farmers. Farmers in Uganda are able to remotely monitor their combine harvesters which is a function offered by current technology. The modern combine harvester can harvest a broad variety of grain crops swiftly and efficiently. Harvested crops are piled high in the field by the combine harvester as they dry. With the help of a machine, harvesting grain may be made easier and less time-consuming. A combine harvester may be used to collect soybean and sunflower seeds, among other crops.

Farmers in Uganda may use Kubota Combine Harvesters to improve the number of crops they can harvest in a shorter length of time and to boost the number of workers they have available to them. The combine harvesters produced by Kubota have made a number of operations, such as mechanization, rice transplanting, harvesting, and growth, much more efficient. The use of combine harvesters has brought about a massive change in the agricultural harvesting process for farmers in less developed countries like Uganda. As a result of Kubota’s dedication to industry-leading design and production standardizations, the company’s combine harvesters are unrivaled in terms of quality and lifespan. The Kubota combine harvester lines are produced by a well-known company that is famous for its high level of productivity.

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