New Holland 480S Tractor in Uganda

Model / Type: New Holland 480S
Horse Power: 55hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color : Orange

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New Holland 480 Tractor | The Best Economical 50 HP Tractor

The New Holland 480 Tractor is a powerful 50 HP farm agricultural tractor that comes in 2WD. It is a high-capacity agriculture farm tractor with a low-emission diesel engine. Aside from its compact and robust structure, the New Holland 480 Tractor is highly valuable for Ugandan farmers because it outperforms all other farm tractors in the 50 HP category. Because the farm tractor is extremely compatible with Ugandan agriculture farming conditions, it performs efficiently and effectively. The farm tractor New Holland 480 is very simple and easy to maintain as well as operating it is no big deal, making the brilliant New Holland 480 an excellent choice for mechanized agriculture farming in Uganda.

Role of New Holland 480 Tractor in Uganda’s Economy

Uganda is a highly rich agricultural country with incredible potential for excellent agricultural farming. The country has valuable fertile land throughout the country and employs over 70% of its workforce in the agricultural farming sector. This indicates that a big chunk of Uganda’s economy is contributed by the agricultural farming sector. Most of Uganda’s agriculture farmers are small-scale farmers, these agriculture farmers are the backbone of Uganda’s economy. However, due to a lack of advanced technological resources and mechanized agriculture farming equipment. These small-scale agriculture farmers of Uganda suffer to maximize their agricultural outputs and their efforts cannot reach their full potential results.

To solve this issue, has come up with an ideal solution to help revive the lives of Uganda’s small-scale agriculture farmers. provides the best and high export quality New Holland 480 tractors. This is a power pack farm tractor, with 50 HP, this farm tractor is compact and rugged, delivers excellent performance and performs multiple tasks required for agriculture farming in Uganda. The New Holland 480 tractor is highly economical and low in cost, which means that is easily accessible by a majority of Uganda farmers, making it the best choice for agriculture farming in Uganda.

Prominent Features of New Holland 480 Tractor

    • Best and highly economical farm tractor in the 50 HP range
    • Brilliant performance farm tractor with a 3-cylinder diesel engine.
    • The farm tractor New Holland 480 is very strong and robust due to its robust structure
    • Highly compatible with Uganda’s agriculture farming conditions and environment
    • New Holland 480 tractor is available in power steering which reduces driver fatigue.
    • Very versatile agriculture farm tractor, capable of performing multiple agriculture farming activities.
    • Capable of working in harsh and tough soils, ideal for Uganda agriculture farming.
    • Spring suspension deluxe seat for maximum comfort and the best driving experience.
    • Easily maneuverable due to its compact structure
    • Easy accessibility to service points makes it easy to maintain
    • Fuel-efficient and low-cost agriculture farm tractor.
    • The farm tractor New Holland 480 is very easy to operate.

Highly Versatile New Holland 480 Tractor | Encouraging New Young Farmers is the largest New Holland 480 Tractor supplier in Uganda, specializing in farm tractor sales all around Uganda. Due to its inexpensive cost and high-quality performance, the New Holland 480 Tractor is in extremely high demand in Uganda. The New Holland 480 Tractor is a versatile farm tractor that can be used for a variety of tasks, including preparing the soil for cultivation, transporting commodities, planting crops, and water irrigation, among others. Because of its compatibility with Uganda’s agricultural environment and soil, the New Holland 480 Tractor is an excellent choice for agriculture farming in Uganda. We encourage new young farmers to opt for this wonderous farm tractor to kick start their agriculture farming journey by maximizing their hard work and untiring dedication. The New Holland 480 is affordable and a complete package for new and young farmers so they can complete all required tasks efficiently and effectively.

The New Holland 480 Tractor has a manual transmission and is a strong-built tractor. It is powered by a 50 HP 3-cylinder diesel engine. It is an agriculture farm tractor with manual steering and two-wheel drive. Its huge back wheels help farmers till the soil, which results in finely produced crops. Two more features that contribute to the overall charm are front elegant lighting lights and a sunproof cover.

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How to Purchase Export Quality New Holland Tractors and Farm Implements for Sale

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