New Holland 640 Tractor in Uganda

Model / Type: New Holland 640
Horse Power: 75hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color : Red

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Farmer’s Best Choice | New Holland 640 Tractor

The New Holland 640 is a fantastic 75 HP two-wheel drive farm tractor. It’s a high-performance tractor with a diesel engine that’s both efficient and quiet, as well as hydraulic power steering. For Ugandan farmers, the agriculture farm tractor is the most cost-effective option because of the superb performance it provides. The farm tractor has a one-of-a-kind design that makes it simple for Ugandan farmers to operate.

Why do Uganda agriculture farmers prefer New Holland 640 tractors?

The farm tractor New Holland 640 is not only powerful but also capable of performing multiple tasks that are necessary for Uganda Farmers on a regular basis. It is an outstanding all-rounder farm tractor, making it the best choice for mechanized agriculture farming in Uganda. With the help of its 75 HP incredible engine, the New Holland 640 tractor can perform under immense pressure and handle stress brilliantly. The agriculture farm tractor is built specifically to provide durability to Uganda agriculture farmers. The powerful farm tractor can be used to lift and load up to 1600 Kg of goods efficiently, it can also be used for transportation of goods as it can pull up to over 10 tons of goods with the help of farm trailers. This lifting and pulling capacity is of extreme value to Uganda agriculture farmers as they are required to transport and load goods regularly.

Moreover, the New Holland 640 tractor is also capable of digging and excavating. The farm tractor can pave roads efficiently while also dealing with extremely harsh work conditions. The New Holland 640 is ideal for basic agriculture farming functions such as ploughing and cultivation of soil as it works efficiently and effectively. The engine’s dimensions and style, as well as the pace at which it operates and the load or torque, supplied, all influence the power output. Additionally, maximum power is achieved at rather high speeds and loads. This agriculture tractor also comes in handy for soil treatment, spreading fertilizers, sowing crops, and water irrigation for the land. Hence, the farm tractor New Holland 640 results as an ideal choice for Uganda agriculture farming.

Prominent Features of New Holland 640

    • Powerful and durable diesel engine for brilliant performance
    • Comfortable and smooth driving experience
    • Fuel Efficient farm tractor
    • Eco-Friendly tractor with reduced smoke emissions
    • Strong and tough straddle rear axle
    • Superb quality oil-immersed disc brakes
    • Spring suspension deluxe seat for maximum comfort
    • Heavy-duty steering arm and spindle
    • Hydrostatic Power steering for minimum driver fatigue

New Holland 640 Tractor | Role in Uganda Agriculture farming

The farm tractor New Holland 640 tractor is a powerful tractor for sale in Uganda. It is well known for its compact and robust design, which guarantees durability and dependability. Despite its moderate size, a farm tractor is a powerful machine that can withstand harsh weather and land conditions. The New Holland 640 tractor has a manual transmission and is a well-built farm tractor. It is powered by a 75 HP strong diesel engine. It’s an agriculture farm tractor with manual steering and two-wheel drive. Its huge back wheels help farmers till the soil, which results in finely produced crops. Two more features that contribute to the overall charm are front lighting lights and a sunproof cover.

All of Uganda’s agricultural problems can be remedied with the brand new, New Holland tractors imported from Pakistan. The efficiency and quality of these agricultural tractors are well known. They are simple to maintain for and perform well in a variety of soil conditions. These reliable agricultural tractors are versatile and can assist farmers with a range of different jobs. They are affordable, allowing all Ugandan farmers access to them while still delivering the highest level of durability and performance. All Ugandan farmers favor the brand new, New Holland since they are compatible with the country’s soil conditions and so proves to be the ideal option for agriculture farming.

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