New Holland Dabung Tractor in Uganda

Model / Type: New Holland Dabung
Horse Power: 85hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color : Red


Most Powerful and Economical Tractor | New Holland Dabung 85HP 2WD

The New Holland Dabung Tractor is an 85HP farm tractor with 2WD capacity. This incredible agriculture tractor can effortlessly perform many duties necessary for agriculture farming in Uganda. The New Holland Dabung is a strong agricultural tractor for sale in Uganda, with a high-performance diesel engine that produces low noise. The New Holland Dabung farm tractor is a simple to run and maintain farm tractor, making it the best choice for agriculture farming in Uganda. Because the engine uses direct injection technology, the gasoline is absorbed directly by the combustion chamber, where it burns cleanly and completely. The New Holland Dabung Tractor is known for its fuel efficiency. Ugandan farmers have discovered that the New Holland Dabung Tractor is the ideal alternative for agriculture farming since it saves them money on fuel and performs effectively. The New Holland Dabung Tractor is also known for its tough build quality. The agriculture tractor is nimble and can work on harsh rocky soils with ease.

Where to find New Holland Dabung?

Uganda’s premier tractor supplier and dealer for brand new New Holland Dabung Tractors is Because it can be utilized for large-scale agricultural tillage, water irrigation, and even delivering substantial freight, the New Holland Dabung Tractor is a popular farm tractor in Uganda. For mechanized farming in Uganda, the agriculture tractor is the best alternative. If you have any queries or need more information regarding New Holland tractors for sale in Uganda, or the importing process for agricultural tractors and farm implements, please contact us using the contact options below. You will hear from one of our sales representatives within 24 hours of submitting your request since our sales team is incredibly attentive and cooperative.

Best Multi-Purpose Farm Tractor | New Holland Dabung

The New Holland Dabung farm tractor is unquestionably an outstanding all-around agriculture tractor. The New Holland Dabung tractor is not only capable of performing numerous jobs, but it is also a very powerful farm tractor, thanks to its great 85 HP engine. Because the engine is so powerful and long-lasting, it operates admirably under pressure and stress. It is constructed in such a way that it can lift and load up to 2,145 kilograms. This lifting capability is extremely valuable to Ugandan agriculture farmers, as they frequently need to carry and load items from one location to another.

Furthermore, farmers in Uganda must excavate fields and construct roads, which is where the New Holland Dabung Tractor comes in handy. The farm tractor is ideal for ploughing land and cultivating soil since it works quickly and efficiently. The power output is influenced by the engine’s proportions and type, as well as the speed at which it operates and the load or torque supplied. Furthermore, maximum power is obtained at rather high speeds and loads. The New Holland Dabung Tractor is ideal for agriculture farming in Uganda since it can be used for irrigation and soil treatment.

Most Prominent Features of New Holland Dabung

  • Highly powerful 85 HP diesel engine available in 2WD
  • Multi-purpose all-rounder tractor
  • Outstanding Low Noise Diesel Engine
  • High Export quality, ISO 9001-verified tractor
  • Eco-friendly Low Gas Emission Farm Tractor
  • Reduced Smoke Level
  • High-performance powerful all-rounder agriculture tractor
  • High-quality efficient oil-immersed disc braking system
  • Economical and low-maintenance tractor
  • Spring suspension deluxe seat for superior comfort

Why is New Holland Dabung Important for Uganda’s Agriculture?

Uganda is mostly an agricultural nation. Agriculture contributes a large portion of the country’s GDP. The country is well-known for its remarkable soil fertility and great agricultural potential. Despite the fact that agriculture is Uganda’s backbone, the sector has failed to realize its full potential due to outmoded agricultural farming methods and techniques. Only 35% of farm agriculture land is cultivated, leaving enormous swaths of the area untouched. Agriculture employs around 70% of Uganda’s workforce, yet the country has yet to reach its full potential, greatly hindering the country’s economy.

The only solution that comes to me for improving Uganda’s agriculture situation is to modernize and mechanize the business. New technology must be utilized in Uganda to change agriculture and restore the economy. All of Uganda’s agricultural problems can be solved using New Holland Dabung Tractors. The New Holland Dabung agriculture tractor is a versatile farm tractor capable of a wide range of tasks. The farm tractor New Holland Dabung is both fuel efficient and powerful, thanks to its 85 HP strong diesel engine. The New Holland Dabung Tractor is a popular farm tractor for sale in Uganda because it is well-suited to Ugandan agriculture.

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How to Purchase Brand New, New Holland Tractors and Farm Implements for Sale

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